Man returns stolen wheels and rims and is arrested

BEDFORD – A Bedford man is facing a theft charge after Bedford Police began their investigation on December 22 at 2610 R Street when a report of wheels and rims were missing from a Chevrolet pickup that had been parked at the address for some time.

The caller said he had closed down his repair shop at that address in the spring of 2022 and people had stolen scrap metal from the yard. 

Matthew Smith

The caller noticed the rims and tires were missing two days prior, but today saw the wheels and rims on his neighbor, Matthew Smith’s truck.

The caller provided a photo of the stolen wheels and rims, showing a noticeable gash in the rim. The rims on Smith’s vehicle matched the stolen rims. 

On December 28, 2022, the officer contacted Smith who denied stealing the wheels and rims. 

When the officer looked at Smith’s truck to compare the evidence to the stolen wheels and rims, they did not match. 

The officer returned to the 2610 R Street location and found the missing wheels and rims laying next to the Chevrolet truck they belonged to.

The owner of that Chevrolet truck stated he had a text message from Smith admitting he had stolen the wheels and rims. 

 On January 9, 2023, an officer spoke to Smith again and he admitted to taking the wheels and rims off the truck saying the person who he thought owned the truck owed him money.  He then found out who the true owner of the truck was and returned the wheels and rims. 

The owner of the truck was contacted and he requested to file charges.

The information was forwarded to the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office and a warrant was issued for Smith’s arrest on a charge of theft.