Indiana Senate committee advances bill that would ban gender transitioning procedures for anyone under 18

STATEHOUSE — The Indiana Senate Health and Provider Services Committee advanced a bill Wednesday that proposes banning gender transitioning procedures and treatment for anyone under the age of 18.

Senate Bill 480 passed in an 8-3 vote. During the vote opponents, were protesting outside the chamber.

The committee added an amendment that clarified that counseling and mental health services would still be available and not be banned as part of the bill.

The bill would prohibit minors from accessing gender-affirming medical or surgical treatment, including hormone therapy and puberty blockers.

Senator Dr. Tyler Johnson

State Senator Dr. Tyler Johnson (R-Leo) stated he recognized the emotions surrounding the issue of gender transitioning but added a “child cannot understand the weight and permanency” when making such a decision.

A representative from IU Health told the committee that Riley Children’s Hospital does not provide gender-affirming surgeries on anyone under the age of 18. They did state that hormones are sometimes prescribed in low doses that are “life-saving care” for transgender children.