Former teacher sentenced to prison after being found guilty of child molestation

FISHERS – A former central Indiana teacher was sentenced to five years in prison after being found guilty of molesting a student in a small group room, causing her to lose interest in athletics and academics.

Ian Alexander Gray, 40, who is a former intermediate and high school teacher for the Hamilton Southeastern School district, was sentenced Friday to five years in prison and three years on probation for child molestation.

Ian Alexander Gray

Gary was arrested after an incident that occurred during the 2017-18 school year while he was teaching 6th-grade math at Fall Creek Intermediate School in Fishers.

According to court documents, a juvenile victim reported Gray touched her inappropriately while he was serving as one of her primary teachers. A psychologist determined she was sexually assaulted approximately ten times. The victim told authorities that Gray would molest her while disciplining her for minor things such as having her phone out in the halls. The victim said Gray made her sit in a small group room as punishment before he’d come in and cover the windows.

Behind these coverings, court documents state that Gray would sit down in a chair next to the student and repeatedly touch her inappropriately.

The victim said he started by touching her thigh but later went on to touch her breasts and genitals. The juvenile said this started happening once per week.

Gray’s arrest report details how he would not only sexually abuse the student but mentally manipulate her as well.

The victim’s mother told police the girl began self-harming and noticed several changes in her behavior, stating that the “shift was drastic” and her daughter had trouble progressing mentally and emotionally.

Gray was arrested on June 22, 2021, after a psychologist working with the victim alerted the Department of Child Services. He was charged with child molestation and was found guilty on Jan. 24, 2023.