The threat of sending in canine Frizko makes one of Bartholomew’s most wanted to surrender

COLUMBUS – A man who was wanted on a warrant was arrested by Bartholomew County deputies late Thursday night but only after deputies threatened to use canine Frizko to make the arrest.

Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department’s Canine Frizko

According to the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department, deputies went to the Elkland Hills Trailer Park at about 11:12 p.m. to serve an arrest warrant on 31-year-old Daniel Michael of Columbus, who was believed to be inside a trailer. Michael was listed on the department’s most wanted list and had eluded arrest last week. Michael was wanted on charges of dealing, manufacturing, and possession of meth.

Daniel Michael

Michael refused to surrender and leave the home, so deputies threatened to send in canine Frizko and his handler Deputy Dylan Prather to make the arrest. When hearing that, Michael decided to surrender.

Sheriff Chris Lane said, “Frizko’s presence alone appears to have motivated the individual to surrender peacefully which prevented possible injury to himself and my deputies.”