IHSAA announces Washington High School will now host the Boys Basketball Section 31 Tournament, regionals and semi-state

WASHINGTON – The IHSAA announced that Washington High School will host the Boys Basketball Sectional 31 Tournament, as well as Regional and Semi-State.

The change is because Southridge High School Memorial Gym lacks the ability to allow wheelchair access to the floor.

The gym was built in 1951 and is ADA compliant, but a sectional member school notified the school it would need access to the floor.

Officials say Southridge High School is moving forward on the process of installing an ADA Compliant solution to the Memorial Gym Floor, but it cannot be completed before this year’s scheduled Sectional Tournament.

Southridge is, however, excited to continue as the 2023 3A Regional host this March and looking forward to the return of the 2024 3A IHSAA Sectional.

The sectional dates include February 28, March 1, 3, and 4. This will add roughly 45 minutes of drive time for several schools.