The Lawrence County Commissioners take steps Tuesday to fill the Guthrie Township trustee and board of advisors

BEDFORD – The Lawrence County Commissioners met Tuesday morning in a special meeting to discuss the fate of Guthrie Township.

Currently, there is no trustee or board of advisors for the township, according to County Clerk Billie Tumey.

Clerk Billie Tumey

Tumey told the commissioners that under Indiana Code 3-13-10-6.5 the commissioners by law are required to hold over incumbent board members and the trustee who held the office previously.

As of Tuesday morning, Stacie Ratliff was named trustee and her board members are Angela Myers and Brooke Horner-Hayes. One board member position is still vacant. They will hold those positions until the next election.

If they decline to fill these positions, which they have the right to do, the party chair will be notified and a caucus will be held to fill the positions.

If there are no applicants for the positions the commissioners can then vote to absorb the township into another township like Shawswick Township.