Indiana Recount Commission begins Monroe County Manual Recount of the Indiana House District 62nd Race

BLOOMINGTON – The Indiana Recount Commission and State Board of Accounts have begun the manual recount of the Indiana House District 62 race between Democrat Penny Githens and Republican Dave Hall.

Chair David G. Henry filed the recount paperwork on the morning of November 28th at the Indiana Election Division in Indianapolis.

The Recount Commission, chaired by Phil Sicuso, began its work in Jackson and Brown Counties this week. The State Board of Accounts, and observers from the Hall and Githens campaigns, began observing the manual recount of ballots in Monroe County on Tuesday evening.

The recount is scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday at the Monroe County Election Central offices at 401 W 7th St Ste 100 in Bloomington. The public and media may observe the recount, after signing in with the Monroe County Board of Elections and Indiana State Police onsite. The manual recount could conclude as early as Thursday afternoon, with final tabulations presented by the Commission in Indianapolis on Tuesday, December 20th.

David Henry

“While there have been some challenges filed on ballot irregularities in Brown County, and even the mislocation of paper ballots in a precinct that would have been part of this manual recount petition, we anticipate a smooth conclusion to this recount here in Monroe County,” said Chair David G. Henry. “We trust the work of our observers and the State Board of Accounts as they complete their due diligence under the law in this extremely close election.”