GMC Acadia recalled for the faulty rearview camera

INDIANA – GM has issued a product recalled 95,231, 2020 GMC Acadia and 2021 GMC Acadia due to an issue related to the crossover’s rearview camera.

The problem-affected vehicles fitted with the optional Surround Vision feature may have a rearview camera that fails to work or functions intermittently due to coaxial cable connectors being improperly crimped.

The hazard is drivers won’t be able to use the rearview camera while backing the vehicle up, potentially increasing the risk to hit an object/person.

Dealers will replace the coaxial cables free of charge.

Affected vehicles:

Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by GM with instructions on how to proceed. If owners are unsure whether or not their vehicle is affected by this recall action, they can visit and type in their VIN to see any open recalls that may be active on it.

Owners can also reach out to GMC directly using the contact information included below.


  • GM recall number: N222378380
  • GMC Customer Service: 1-800-462-8782
  • NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V709000