A Norman man fails to identify himself and is arrested

BEDFORD – A Norman man was arrested on Saturday morning after a Bedford Police officer stopped his vehicle on 16th Street in the B&B Cars Inc. parking lot. 

 The officers spoke to the driver who was later identified as 54-year-old Ralph Besic. He was told he was pulled over for not having a license plate displayed on his vehicle. 

Ralph Besic

Police requested identification and Besic stated he did not have any identification that would identify him

Besic was then told by law he is required to have his driver’s license on him when operating a motor vehicle. 

Besic allegedly told the officer the vehicle he was operating was not a motor vehicle. Besic was then asked by the officer if he was a sovereign citizen and that is when Besic rolled up the vehicle window and said he was invoking his Miranda rights. 

In another attempt to gain compliance, the officer asked him to roll his window down and asked Besic for his name multiple times. Besic allegedly failed to provide the officer with his name but did ask the officer to read him his Miranda rights. 

The officer then told Besic he was being detained. Another officer arrived on the scene and explained to Besic that he had committed a traffic violation and that he needed to provide the officers with identification and it was a crime if he failed to do so.

Besic allegedly told the officers that they could see him and that was enough to identify him.

Officers ordered Besic to step out of the vehicle multiple times and he failed to comply.

He finally exited the vehicle and was detained. 

Besic was armed with a Berretta handgun along with a silver multi-tool. 

Once in the patrol car, Besic was again asked his name and date of birth and he refused to give them to the officer. He finally said his name was “Andy Besic”. 

A vehicle inventory was taken and the handgun, multi-tool, and handgun magazine were placed in the vehicle’s glove box. The vehicle was towed from the scene by Mikel’s Towing & Recovery LLC. 

 While en route to the station, Besic was allegedly seen making furtive movements in the back of the patrol car. Concerned with officer safety, the officer stopped the car and looked back at Besic where he saw Besic taking his keys out of his front jacket pocket. The officer took the keys from Besic. 

Once at the police station, Besic was arrested on a charge of failure to identify and was issued citations for driving while his driver’s license was suspended and improper license display and transported to jail.