Drug relapse prompts 911 call and arrest is made

 BEDFORD – A Bedford man was arrested Thursday night after Bedford Police dispatchers received a 911 call from a woman who said she was attempting to take 25-year-old Dwight Clark to the hospital when he exited the vehicle and ran down 16th Street. 

Dwight Clark

The caller reported Clark was under the influence of drugs and abruptly ended the call. 

Police arrived in the area to search for Clark.

The same woman made a second call and reported she was able to locate Clark and they were traveling traveling north on State Road 37 near the Super 8 Motel. She stated that Clark would not allow her to stop the vehicle.

Officers located the woman’s vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.    

Police say Clark was extremely paranoid, making utterances. Clark was verbally aggressive and his pupils were dilated. He was also making erratic movements and was sweating profusely.

Clark was uncooperative when he was asked to exit the vehicle. Officers attempted to open the vehicle door, but Clark grabbed the door and forcibly pulled it shut.

Clark appeared to be talking to someone on the phone and stated “if you hear gunshots, just know that it’s the police department”.

Clark denied that there were weapons in the vehicle, but he reached downward with his right hand between the door and the seat. The officer forcibly pulled the door open to see what Clark was reaching for. 

Clark was then pulled from the vehicle where he aggressively shoved the officer.

Clark was then taken to the ground and detained with additional officers that had arrived at the scene.

Clark told police he had used meth two days prior but thought someone had put drugs in his drink about 30 minutes ago. 

The female driver told police Clark had relapsed and “has been extremely paranoid and believed someone was trying to poison him”. The woman said she felt intimidated and fearful for her safety because of Dwight’s actions and paranoia, and stated that Dwight was unpredictable.  

She requested police to search for a syringe that Clark had prior to the traffic stop. 

Police located the syringe between the seat and the door where Clark had been previously reaching. The syringe contained a clear liquid that tested positive for meth. 

Clark was transported to IU Health Hospital for a medical evaluation. After being medically cleared he was transported to the Lawrence County Jail on charges of possession of meth, unlawful possession of a syringe, and resisting arrest by force.

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