Dog bites firefighter, owner issued court summons

BEDFORD – A Bedford woman was issued a summons to appear in court when the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department animal control officer was called to a home in the 90 block of Leatherwood Circle after a report a Shawswick Volunteer firefighter had been bitten by a dog.

The firefighters were at the home to investigate a possible gas leak.

Two firefighters were walking up a driveway when the dog came charging aggressively at the firefighters growling and barking.

According to the first firefighter, the dog attempted to bite him and he moved out of the way. The dog then lunged at the second firefighter and bit him on the hand biting one of his fingers.

The firefighter did seek treatment for the bite wound. 

The dog owner 34-year-old Monique Carpintero, grabbed her dog and secured it in a room of her home.

Carpintero provided the animal control officer with an expired rabies tag. Carpintero told the officer she had not had time to get the dog his shot. 

Carpintero was issued a criminal summons to appear in court on a charge of harboring a nonimmunized dog.

The dog was placed in quarantine at the residence for ten days which will expire on November 1. The owner then must provide proof the dog was vaccinated by November 7, 2022. A state animal bite form was completed and forwarded to the Lawrence County Health Department.