Sen. Braun introduces legislation to prioritize evidence-based workforce programs

WASHINGTON — Thursday, Senator Mike Braun introduced the Prioritizing Evidence for Workforce Development Act to prioritize the funding of evidence-based education and workforce programs. Workforce programs with proven outcomes are essential to filling the over 11 million job openings in the United States.

Senator Mike Braun

“Workforce shortages are a big problem for Hoosiers businesses when I travel across the state. The best solution for this issue lies in effective, evidence-based education and workforce development programs to prepare Americans to fill these jobs and close the skills gap. This legislation will ensure that evidence-based workforce programs are prioritized across the nation,” said Senator Mike Braun

National Office - The Excel Center
Betsy Delgado

“We applaud and appreciate Senator Braun for introducing this common-sense change to our adult education system. Prioritizing improvements based on evidence will help students and families achieve economic prosperity. As a provider of adult education through Adult High Schools, we welcome the increased emphasis on ensuring that our programs are serving our clients well,” said Betsy Delgado, SVP of the Goodwill Excel Center National Office.


  • In 2014, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was signed into law to help Americans gain the skills they need and connect them with employers who need to fill high-quality jobs.
  • Under WIOA, states are required to submit a unified State plan that outlines a strategy for “preparing an educated and skilled workforce” to the Secretary of Labor.
  • The Prioritizing Evidence for Workforce Development Act amends WIOA by requiring State plans to include a description of how the state will prioritize the funding of evidence-based education and workforce programs

Bill text here