County employees will receive new identification badges, numbers staying consistently low at jail, and traffic studies will be conducted in school zones

BEDFORD – Lawrence County employees will be receiving new picture identification badges soon. Those IDs will replace the current fob keys that allow employees to enter county-owned buildings.

Sheriff Mike Branham reported the new identification badges were needed because employees are not wearing their current identification tags which is presenting a security issue.

Sheriff Mike Branham

“The security staff knows about 75 percent of the current employees, however, there have been several new employees hired,” added Branham. “Having that identification badge is important and employees are not wearing them.”

The new identifications will replace the employees’ current fobs and will work like the fobs.

“The new identifications are cheaper,” added Sheriff Branham. “In the long run, the county will be saving money.”

As soon as employees receive their new identifications the fobs will be deactivated and will no longer work.

Sheriff Branham and Highway Superintendent Brandi Webb will conduct traffic studies on several Lawrence County roads on Wednesday.

“We will be concentrating in the Springville area and around the Springville Academy,” said Sheriff Branham. “We will be looking at needed school signs and speed limits.”

Commissioner President Rodney Fish also addressed a concern in the area of LCIS in Fayetteville. He said there is currently a school sign there but it does not list a speed limit for the school zone. Branham said it was on their list of areas to address.

Sheriff Branham reported that cooperation between judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys in the sentencing of inmates continues to keep the number down in the county jail. This morning the jail population was at 61 percent capacity. There were 109 inmates in the jail this morning, of those 91 were males, 18 were females, four were Level 6 felony convictions, four Department of Correction holds and two parole holds.