Linton-Stockton schools to part ways with Learning 2025 initiative

LINTON – Linton-Stockton district will no longer be part of the Learning 2025 initiative.

The Linton-Stockton School Corporation was set to be part of the Learning 2025 initiative co-sponsored by the School Superintendents Association.

During the public comment portion of the June 20th, The Linton-Stockton school board reports anger and frustration from some people worried the initiative would introduce Critical Race Theory and gender identity lessons.

At the conclusion of the public comments portion of the meeting Board President, Katie Elliott stated that the school board had listened and would take the comments into consideration.

The school board released a statement in response to the concerns.

“Our school corporation has come under scrutiny for its membership in AASA, association with the Learning 2025 initiative, and being recognized as a “Lighthouse” school. This initiative has been portrayed as a backdoor to Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Gender Ideology. Neither is part of our curriculum nor taught in the classroom. While the focus of AASA is to advocate for equitable access for all students to the highest quality public education, develop education, and support.”

The school board says the concerns over Learning 2025 disrupted the school corporation’s work this summer.

The board voted to not renew its membership in AASA removing Linton schools from the Learning 2025 initiative.