Bedford Parks Department Director provided updates to multiple projects throughout town Tuesday afternoon

BEDFORD – Bedford Park Director Jimmy Jones provided updates on projects and renovations during the Park Board meeting Tuesday afternoon.

The new digital marquee sign on 16th Street

The department has installed a digital marquee sign in between the Teen Center and John Lowery Municipal Pool on 16th Street, in place of the old letter sign that had been there before. Mikel’s Signs ran the wiring to the sign and should have it up and operating later this week.

As a part of the ongoing process of bettering the shelter house, renovations on the Wilson Park Shelter House have resumed. The cedar facia board has been delivered and installed on the north side of the building so far.

Additionally, the 12-foot chain-link fence has been completed at the soccer fields, concrete slabs have been poured for the bottlecap benches at Brookside Park to offer a better base for the benches, a baby swing has been added at the Edgewood playground, and the department fixed a leak in the baby pool at John Lowery Municipal pool back in June.