Governor’s Public Health Commission reviews the draft report

INDIANA – The Governor’s Public Health Commission held its final meeting today at the Indiana State Library to review a draft report summarizing its work and recommendations to strengthen public health in Indiana. The commission voted to adopt the draft report, pending incorporation of final changes that will be made prior to its submission to Governor Eric J. Holcomb this summer.

“There is no better investment than in the people who make up our communities. They are the lifeblood of the state and are what keeps us working and thriving,” said former State Sen. Luke Kenley, co-chair of the commission. “This commission and its advisers have done a tremendous job in identifying what resources are needed and how best to deploy them. We have an opportunity to transform Indiana for generations to come, and we cannot afford to waste it.”

Dr. Judy Monroe, President, and CEO of the CDC Foundation and co-chair of the commission, said Indiana has been at the forefront of discussions about the future of public health, and the commission’s work reflects that focus.

“Public health has never been a bigger priority than it is right now, and we are seeing that play out across the country as state and federal organizations use the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic to improve how public health services are delivered,” she noted. “Indiana has been a thought leader in this area, and I look forward to seeing the commission’s recommendations be transformed into actionable steps to improve the health of Hoosiers.”

Video of today’s meeting will be posted at

Governor Holcomb established the 15-member commission in August. In addition to the areas reviewed today, the commission’s work is focusing on governance and infrastructure, workforce, and the use of data and analytics.

More information about the commission, including agendas, presenter slides, resources, and other materials, can be found at Executive Order 21-21, which established the commission, can be found here. A comment form is posted online for the public to provide feedback on any of the commission’s topics of discussion.