Bedford Housing Authority Board approved three new resolutions during Thursday afternoon meeting

BEDFORD – The Bedford Housing Authority approved three new resolutions in hopes to have residents be more helpful and responsible when it comes to services provided at each building.

Hauck House

Resolution 614 is an inclusion to each application that focuses on preventing fraud and keeping tenants responsible for money owed to the housing authority. Tenants who have an outstanding debt with the housing authority, will not be admitted to live on the properties owned until the debt has been paid.

Additionally, each tenant will be penalized for any fraudulent activity, including not disclosing income to the housing authority.

Resolution 615 is an updated pest control/bedbug policy for each resident. This resolution requires each tenant to ensure their dwellings are tidy and ready for pest control services to enter their residence. If they do not comply, this will cause some tenants the inability to have their homes sprayed.

Residents who do not disclose the need for pest control services prior to a check of the apartment will be fined $100. Additionally, if it has been determined that there has been no preparations for pest control services, a penalty of $50 will be assessed.

Current residents will have 30 days to sign the new addendum to acknowledge the update once it has been announced by Housing Director Bobbie Ames.

Resolution 616 is approval of a new CD for the authority to utilize and save money. Currently, the housing authority has $107,000 saved to be used if necessary, and they would like to save more with interest by opening a third CD.