Man was sentenced to 3,730 days in prison after violating his probation by violating a protective order

BEDFORD – Dustin Lane, 41, who was previously convicted of domestic battery resulting in moderate bodily injury in a previous case committed a probation violation in that case and was sentenced by Judge John Plummer III today to 730 days in the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Dustin Lane

Lane was also charged with 10 counts of invasion of privacy in January 2022. In this case, Lane had contacted the victim at least 10 times by sending letters from Branchville Correction Facility which violated the court’s No Contact Order.

At the sentencing hearing, Judge Plummer acknowledged that Lane is a serious violent felon and a sex offender. Judge Plummer acknowledged that the defendant was participating in the “power and control wheel of domestic violence” and was exhibiting that he was still trying to control the victim.

Judge Plummer sentenced Lane to a total of 3,000 days at the Indiana Department of Corrections on the invasion of privacy case. Lane will serve a total of 3,730 days at the Indiana Department of Corrections.

At today’s hearing, the State of Indiana was represented by Deputy Prosecutor Lisa Kempf.