I-69 Finish Line update

MARTINSVILLE – Expect to see increased activity along State Road 37 starting this week between Martinsville and S.R. 144 with the warm, dry weather in the forecast.

S.R. 37 will be reduced to one lane in each direction near bridgework at Myra Lane and Teeters Road. Daytime crews will be delivering and assembling steel bridge beams near Myra Lane. Expect 20-minute traffic stoppages at night as cranes lift each beam section into place over S.R. 37. Bridge crews also expect to pour the concrete deck early Wednesday morning for the Teeters Road overpass.

Teeters bridge

Around-the-clock lane closures remain in effect further north to apply the finishing touches in Morgan County. Expect to see crews grinding rumble strips in the shoulders and applying permanent pavement markings.

S.R. 37 lane closures are expected to remain in effect through late June for the safety of motorists and highway workers. It slows traffic to the reduced speed limit of 45 mph between Martinsville and S.R. 144 and allows crews to complete the finishing touches more quickly and efficiently. Miles of barrels do not need to be moved before each shift begins work.

Construction Contract 4, which extends from just north of Martinsville to Fairview Road, for I-69 Finish Line continues through 2024 as contractors shift attention from the northern Morgan County to the Johnson County sections of I-69.

Marion County

The new Mooresville Road Bypass bridge over I-465 is on schedule to reopen next week. The Mann Road bridge over I-465 is expected to close about a week after Mooresville Road Bypass reopens. Click here to view a map of the changing detours in the area. The two I-465 ramps at Mann Road are expected to remain open with increased construction traffic in the area.

Nighttime bridgework at Mooresville Road Bypass and Madison Avenue will require I-465 lane closures. After 11 p.m., bridge crews may stop I-465 traffic for up to 20 minutes at a time and close I-465 eastbound on-ramps and nearby S.R. 67/Kentucky Avenue and U.S. 31/East Street.

Stay alert and move over for daytime mowing crews as weather allows along I-465 between I-65 and I-70 on the southwest side of Indianapolis.

Johnson County

Slow down for police scheduled to direct traffic Thursday at the S.R. 37 and Smith Valley Road intersection. Crews will be adjusting the signal for an upcoming traffic pattern change.

Mann Road at I-465

In late May, the Bluffdale Drive extension is expected to open south of Fairview Road, and Smith Valley Road will temporarily close west of S.R. 37. Click here to view side-by-side maps comparing the current and upcoming traffic patterns.

Expect nighttime S.R. 37 lane closures this week near bridgework at S.R. 144.

Morgan County

Expect the I-69 exit ramps to S.R. 39/Morton Avenue to remain closed around the clock through early next week. Use your preferred mapping solution with live traffic to find the best alternate route. The I-69 on-ramps are open at this location, and you can click here to view a map of access at the interchange.

.Ongoing final paving work will close the ramps one at a time connecting S.R. 44/Reuben Drive and S.R. 252/Hospital Drive with I-69. After the I-69 exit ramps reopen at S.R. 39/Morton Avenue, night work will move to the Ohio Street/Artesian Avenue ramps.

Commercial Boulevard intersection

Crews have installed metal poles and support cables for a future Artesian Avenue traffic signal at Commercial Boulevard and Southview Drive, just east of I-69. Several more weeks of wiring and construction are expected before the all-way stop is replaced with the traffic signal.

South Street is now closed for a City of Martinsville project west of Home Avenue and the I-69 overpass. Crews are clearing the area ahead of waterline work, storm sewer installation, and road improvements.

The actual starting date and duration for work and any closures may be adjusted if inclement weather or other unforeseen activities occur.