City of Mitchell discusses MOU with Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission during Monday meeting

MITCHELL – The City of Mitchell met Monday evening to discuss updates to the proposed Shell Building as well as the former Dana Building.

Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission President Jeff Quyle

Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission President Jeff Quyle discussed the proposed Shell Building and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Mitchell in order to attract more businesses to the area at the completion of the Lehigh Hanson expansion project.

This MOU would have the city donate the property to build the building and the Redevelopment Commission would then be responsible to sign a construction contract before January 31, 2023. If there is no contract signed by that time, the city will then keep the property to use elsewhere.

Proposed Shell Building

With the completion of the expansion, the Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission will receive funds from the Lehigh TIF District, and the commission felt it best to use those funds first in Mitchell to benefit the city first, before distributing funds elsewhere. The proposed building would be set at 50,000 square feet, with the ability to expand to 100,000 square feet if needed for a business that is interested in coming to Mitchell.

According to Mayor J.D. England, there has been a bit of interest from different potential suitors in the building construction. It is estimated that the shell building would take up to two years to complete with supply chain delays and the cost of materials rising. City attorney Byron Steele will review an updated proposal with the MOU to discuss in future meetings.

Former Dana Building at 901 Frank Street

In other news, the city approved a lease agreement for the former Dana Building at 901 Frank Street. Currently, the city is taking proposals until Monday, May 9th, where a special meeting will be set to determine who will lease sections of the building.

Mitchell First Baptist Church made the request to shut down Frank Street between 7th and 8th streets for their Vacation Bible School, set to take place from June 6th-10th from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. each day. This was approved by the council.