On Track: I-69 Finish Line Project update

MARTINSVILLE – I-69 ramp closures are expected to begin today for paving at two interchanges in Martinsville.

Both the northbound and southbound I-69 exit ramps to State Road 39/Morton Avenue will be closed around the clock for about two weeks.

US 39 ramp closure

The ramp closures allow crews to remove the S.R. 39 temporary signal for Rogers Road and the I-69 southbound entrance ramp and complete a permanent roundabout.

One-way access will remain open into and out of Rogers Road and Southview Drive. 

Other I-69 ramp closures in Martinsville are expected to occur at night as weather allows. Starting tonight, each of the ramps connecting S.R. 44/Reuben Drive and S.R. 252/Hospital Drive with I-69 will close one at a time for final paving.

Marion County

Expect nighttime S.R. 37 lane closures near Southport Road for ongoing bridgework. 

Two 20-minute traffic stoppages are scheduled for early Wednesday morning at the S.R. 37 and Epler Avenue intersection to remove an overhead power line.

I-69 Southport Bridge beam set

Stay alert and move over for a mobile crew making repairs to temporary barriers in the I-465 median, which is expected to continue through Tuesday.

Nighttime I-465 lane closures continue as weather allows for bridgework near Madison Avenue and the Mooresville Road Bypass. After the Mooresville Road Bypass bridge reopens, the Mann Road bridge over I-465 is the next scheduled for closure and replacement.

Johnson County
SR 144 beam setting

Thank you for your patience last week as bridge crews staged and successfully installed large concrete beams for the S.R. 144 bridge over the future I-69. Expect nighttime S.R. 37 lane closures for ongoing bridgework.

Smith Valley Road west of S.R. 37 provides an alternate access point from the north to Old S.R. 37, which is closed at S.R. 144. Drivers can use a temporary crushed stone road connecting with Old S.R. 37 at a roundabout. A new access road is under construction north of the Smith Valley Road roundabout.

Morgan County

Expect S.R. 37 lane closures between Martinsville and S.R. 144 to remain in place until June. The finishing touches scheduled to begin next week include grinding rumble strips in the shoulders and applying permanent pavement markings. The striping requires consecutive days of warm, dry weather to set properly.

Bridge beam assembly and installation are expected to close S.R. 37 lanes next week near the Myra Lane overpass. Drivers should expect lane closures during the day and 20-minute traffic stoppages at night.

The actual starting date and duration for work and any closures may be adjusted if inclement weather or other unforeseen activities occur.