Governor’s Public Health Commission begins work on recommendations for key focus areas

INDIANAPOLIS — The Governor’s Public Health Commission met Thursday at the Indiana State Library to review recommendations surrounding governance, services and infrastructure; workforce; and data and information integration as it begins preparing its final report for submission to Governor Eric J. Holcomb this summer.

former State Sen. Luke Kenley

“Today’s meeting is where the rubber meets the road and we begin to synthesize the information from our earlier meetings into recommendations for our final report,” said former state Sen. Luke Kenley, co-chair of the commission. “But before we can quantify our needs, we need to understand the scope of transformation, and today’s meeting will help us begin that process.”

Dr. Judy Monroe, president, and CEO of the CDC Foundation and co-chair of the commission noted that the meeting’s three areas of focus represent critical aspects of public health and how it might be structured in the future.

Dr. Judy Monroe

“Governance and services touch on the most foundational aspects of how we operate and interact with Hoosiers. Data and information will enable that transformation going forward. Underpinning all of that, though, is workforce,” Monroe said. “We cannot deliver these services or modernize without a workforce that is skilled and passionate.“

A video of Thursday’s meeting will be posted at

Governor Holcomb established the 15-member commission in August. In addition to the areas reviewed today, the commission’s work is focusing on funding, childhood and adolescent health services, and emergency preparedness. Recommendations for those areas will be the focus of its next meeting on May 19, 2022.

More information about the commission, including agendas, presenter slides, resources, and other materials, can be found at Executive Order 21-21, which established the commission, can be found here. A comment form is posted online for the public to provide feedback on any of the commission’s topics of discussion.