The Bedford Housing Authority approved new resolution for building consultations

BEDFORD – The Bedford Housing Authority Board of Directors met Thursday afternoon to discuss updates and a new resolution for a consulting contract.

With Housing Director Bobbi Ames being absent on vacation, Intake Coordinator Lindsey Hughes filled in to provide the director’s report to the board as well as any updates on the shortfall.

Intake Coordinator Lindsey Hughes

The board finished their accounting report and came out ahead to start the fiscal year. There were no updates to Section 8 Housing and the results of the inspection report will be addressed during the May meeting.

The board discussed Resolution #613, which is a Consulting Contract with DeVaughn & Associates, Inc. to review the properties under the care of the Housing Authority, ad determines if any issues need to be fixed or adjusted to better serve those living in the buildings.

The board approved the resolution. The consultation will cost $200 per hour until the report has concluded. There is no start date as of yet.