Monroe County Emergency Management shares some prevention and safety tips to keep you safe during Bloomington Little 500

BLOOMINGTON – The Monroe County Emergency Management Office would like to share some prevention and safety tips to help keep you and others safe during the festivities of the Bloomington Little 500.

The Little 500 will take place this Friday, April 22nd and Saturday. April 23rd.

Follow these tips to help enjoy a safe weekend:

• Go to the events with other people. Don’t travel alone.
• Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Watch for abnormal or suspicious activities.
• Have a good communication path with family members or friends who are not attending the event in case something takes place.
• Drink responsibly! Don’t overdrink, as this can become very dangerous and possibly even fatal.
• If you see anything suspicious or abnormal, report it immediately to law enforcement.

The Emergency Management Office is asking all event goers to be smart and alert. Enjoy the festivities and be safe.