Man arrested after jumping from moving vehicle

BEDFORD – A Bedford man was arrested early Friday when a Bedford Police officer witnessed a silver Cadillac traveling north on Lincoln Avenue cross the double yellow centerline. The officer followed the vehicle on to John Williams Boulevard where the driver continued to weave the vehicle back and forth within its lane.

The officer activated his overhead lights and stopped the driver Nicole Tomlinson at the intersection of John Williams Boulevard and T Street.

Derrick Hendrickson

While the vehicle was still moving, the passenger door opened, 41-year-old Derrick Hendrickson jumped out, put up his hood and ran north. 

The officer yelled at Hendrickson to stop but he continued to run through the parking lot of Bedford Machine & Tool Inc. on John Williams Boulevard. 

The officer was able to catch up to Hendrickson and tackle him near the end of the parking lot. Once Hendrickson and the officer fell to the ground, the officer grabbed Hendrickson’s right wrist and attempted to place it behind his back. Hendrickson continued to pull away and began reaching towards his waistband. The officer continued to struggle with controlling Hendrickson’s hands until he was on his back and was on top of him. While on top of Hendrickson, he grabbed the officer’s right eye and began digging his fingers into the officer’s skin. This caused pain and irritation to the officer’s right eye. As Hendrickson got closer to opening the officer’s eyelid and exposing his eye, the officer was able to strike him in the face with his right elbow. Hendrickson then attempted to punch the officer with his right hand and it skipped off the upper right side of the officer’s head, knocking the officer’s hat off. The officer was able to strike Hendrickson in the face with his right hand and control him until another officer arrived on the scene

Officers continued to wrestle with Hendrickson until they were able to forcibly place both his hands behind his back and was finally taken into custody. 

Once Hendrickson was in custody,  Officers located a used syringe amongst his property that was spilled on the ground. The syringe tested positive for meth and fentanyl.

While escorting Hendrickson to a police vehicle he continued to threaten the officers. He was transported to IU Health Hospital for medical clearance and was transported to jail on charges of three counts of resisting arrest, battery resulting in bodily injury against a public safety officer, intimidation, possession of a narcotic drug, possession of meth, unlawful possession of a syringe. 

Officers searched Tomlinson’s vehicle and found no drugs. She was given a verbal warning for her driving and released from the scene.

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