Bedford City Council approve resolutions during Monday meeting at the Otis Park Red Brick Building

BEDFORD – The Bedford City Council held a regular meeting, at a special location Monday night to commemorate the completion of the renovation project to the Otis Park Red Brick Building.

City Council members in the Red Brick Building during the April 18th meeting. From left: Dan Bortner, Larry Hardman, Brad Bough, Penny May, Judy Carlisle, Mayor Sam Craig, City Attorney Greg Pittman, Clerk/Treasurer Marsha Pfeiffer, Angel Hawkins, and Ryan Griffith

The council listened to a presentation by Todd Trinkle with the Lochmueller Group and the Sewage Master Plan after performing an engineering study that determined large amounts of rainwater entering the sewer causing overflow issues.

The presentation presented key dates and the prices that would be attributed to the project as a whole. The final estimated cost of the project will be $17,408,021 with an estimated completion date of December 1, 2024.

Project details and final costs

The council then moved on to the rest of the agenda where Dennis Parsley with the TASC Department presented a resolution for the filing of an application for a grant under section 5311/5339 of the Federal Transit Act, a step that is necessary as the department operates on grants each year. The council approved the resolution to apply to the TASC Department.

Next, two resolutions for an SRF Loan for the State Revolving fund are to be submitted and applied for by the May 1st, 2022 deadline. The resolutions called for the approval of signature as well as the submission of the applications for the funding. The Council approved the resolutions to go toward the sewer projects.

Bedford Planning and Zoning Director Brandon Woodward

Lastly, Bedford Planning and Zoning Director Brandon Woodward presented a resolution to amend the zone map for Mike Wood and his building at 1820 Washington Avenue from B-1 industrial to R-2 residential property, as he is attempting to make the property a duplex which he will then rent out.

The resolution needed three passes, with the final passage requiring a suspension of the rules which was voted 6-1, as council member Dan Bortner felt there wasn’t enough time for public comments on the request. The resolution died on the floor and will need to be brought up in the next meeting for approval, which is currently set to take place on May 23rd, 2022.

Ribbon cutting ceremony at the Red Brick Building

The council then adjourned for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.