Darin S. Kinser announces candidacy for Lawrence County Sheriff

BEDFORD – On January 19th Darin S. Kinser was honored to be nominated by the Libertarian Party of Lawrence County to be the nominee for Lawrence County Sheriff.

Darin S. Kinser

Kinser is a lifelong resident and business owner of Lawrence County.

With more than twenty years of management service and his position as Director of the Interstate Bail Enforcement Apprehension Taskforce, Kinser believes he has the experience needed to reorganize the Lawrence County Sheriffs Office with new ideas and new ways as a law enforcement agency can operate a constitutionally driven police force for the people.

Kinser believes the sheriff is the true and elected law enforcement officer in the United States backed by the US Constitution. The sheriff was created to protect the American people and more so to protect the American Citizen from his or her constitutional rights being violated.

As sheriff, Kinser will protect your Constitutional rights by creating a dedicated team of law enforcement officers determined to search and seek out any violations of the Constitution by civilians or the government. tyranny and syndicates will have no place to operate in our constitutional county.

“I will also address the methamphetamine, heroin, and fentanyl problem by working with other agencies and by creating a Taskforce within our own department that will focus on dealers and runners of these illegal drugs that are tearing our community up and hurting Lawrence county families all around our county,” he added.

“As a Libertarian, I don’t believe in incarceration for a victimless crime. With that said I know the question will arise if I believe Heroin or other drug use is a victimless crime. The answer is clear!!! I absolutely believe what one does in his home privately with himself is a victimless crime. It’s the dealers and runners who have victims and I understand the health effects on a person with drug use I believe we need to work harder to find new ways to treat the health issues with drug addiction,” he added.

Kinser says the Lawrence County Jail can no longer be the revolving door of the Lawrence County Court system.

“We must start issuing citations to appear in court instead of incarceration at the beginning. This would alleviate a lot of the population issues within the county jail,” he added.

“The jail population has been a problem in Lawrence County Jail for many years. This has to do with the increase in incarceration for a victimless crime. We need a Sheriff who understands that all we’re doing by following the status quo is continuing the revolving door. We need a Sheriff who will look for ways to decrease the annual costs of the office of the Lawrence County Sheriff and not housing inmates on victimless crime is a starting point to lowering those costs. It will be my first priority as sheriff,” he added.

“As Sheriff, I will fight to stop the spending of more than $40 million dollars on a new jail facility. By lowering the jail population and looking at ways to update our current location by maybe looking to use the upper floor as extra blocks to house inmates etc. there are ways to keep our current facility and lower our costs at the same time.

Another priority Kinser will work on is the county’s medical partners and fire partners within the county.

“We may be able to institute an LEO emergency response if needed in an area by making sure our personnel is certified in basic BLS Emergency Medical Response if we are closer in the area to the 911 call,” he added.

Together we can make Lawrence County a shining example of how a constitutional Sheriffs office can be run not by the ones within government but by the people and for the people.


  • Chairman Libertarian Party of Lawrence County
  • Current Assistant Chief Pleasant Run Volunteer Fire Department
  • Current Vice President Pleasant Run Volunteer Fire Department Fire Board
  • Business owner – Justice Services of Indiana
  • Former Guardian Ad-litem CASA for more than 10 years
  • 20 years management service
  • Former Lead New Foundation Gospel Group
  • Licensed Indiana Bail Bondsman
  • Director of Interstate Bail Enforcement Apprehension Taskforce

In November you can make the difference, Vote Kinser for Sheriff.