Two arrested after police find meth and syringes in vehicle

BEDFORD – Two people were arrested on drug charges Wednesday when Bedford Police officers were called to the area of 6th Street and Lincoln Avenue after a report of two people passed out in a silver Jeep.

Jesse Perry

Officers found the Jeep parked in the parking lot of a business. Inside the vehicle police found 21-year-old Jesse Perry, of Springville, in the driver’s seat and 19-year-old Ashley Mitchell, of Bloomfield in the passenger seat.

Ashley Mitchell

Police say both were awake and were coloring in coloring books.

The two told police they were “waiting on DoorDash” and that Perry had to be in Lawrence County Superior Court I later that afternoon.

An officer then asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle and Perry said “not that I’m aware of”.

Perry then handed the officer an “Indiana Recovery Alliance” card and advised the officer that he was a volunteer for them and collected syringes to dispose of. He then told the officer there were numerous syringes in his vehicle.

During a search of the vehicle, an officer located many syringes, both new and used. Some of the syringes were located inside small pouches, others were located in sharp containers. In the passenger floorboard, the officer located a camouflage cinch bag, inside was a small black zip-up pouch that contained numerous syringes and numerous small plastic bags which contained crystal meth. The bag also contained some blue pills.

Behind the driver’s seat, the officer located another cinch bag, inside that bag was a small plastic tube that contained crystal meth residue.

Both Perry and Mitchell said the items were not theirs

Officers also found a small digital scale along with several smoking devices and a metal grinder. Perry admitted those items belonged to him.

Perry was arrested on charges of possession of meth, possession of a legend drug, unlawful possession of a syringe, and possession of marijuana. Mitchell faces charges of possession of meth and unlawful possession of a syringe.