Clothe-A-Child successfully clothes over 170 children on Sunday

BEDFORD – The 38th Annual Clothe-A-Child event started early Sunday morning at Walmart as volunteers helped the invited families shop for the clothes they need for their children, at no cost to them.

The non-profit organization served over 170 children in Lawrence County, helping to get them the necessary clothes they will need during this time of year, something that Denny Underwood said is always the best part.

“We were able to help children find plenty of warm clothes for this winter season. That’s the biggest takeaway from this as those children will be able to stay warm throughout the remainder of the winter,” said Underwood.

Underwood said that as long as they are able to continue with Clothe-A-Child, it will be there for those in need of assistance.

“In the past we have served over 200 kids at a time, and yes that is a lot, but as long as we are able to give, we will continue to be there for those who need it,” Underwood said.

Walmart employees bagging some of the clothes purchased at the event

The organization with the help of Walmart, tracked a running total through the morning that would be paid off at the conclusion of the event.