Principal Joanne Symcox shares LCIS School updates


FAYETTEVILLE – During the LCIS school board meeting Thursday, Principal Joanne Symcox shared updates to the school to the School Board and made personnel requests.

Principal Symcox requested the adoption of some policies and training for teachers and faculty to be better equipped to handle specific situations.

The State of Indiana Health Department has a suicide prevention policy that will be used on the LCIS campus to give a better process for faculty and staff to follow to be better equipped to assist students or others who need this type of help.

“We want to introduce this to the parents and share what the protocols are, what training we can do, what our staff needs to look for, and what if something does happen in the school,” Symcox shared. “This is a much more explicit and directed policy from the State of Indiana.”

This policy was voted for and accepted to be adopted for the school to use and follow.

Joanne Symcox LCIS Principal

Another policy that was shared would be to follow the State Division of Mental Health and Addiction program titled Seclusion and Restraint. Principal Symcox noted that the school would choose to follow the advice of the restraint section, and completely avoid the use of the seclusion option as she felt seclusion is unnecessary and not needed.

“Sometimes we have kids that need to be restrained, and we have staff that have been trained to handle situations where a child would need to be restrained. It is done in a very safe way with trained professionals,” Said Symcox. “When these events do happen we follow the protocol on writing reports and identifying who needs to be notified. This updated policy will be protected under the State of Indiana.”

The adoption of a restraint policy was approved.

A request for a full-time resource position to help support the students was also made by Symcox. The full-time position offers full benefits to the individual and will require 32 hours per week. The board approved Principal Symcox to post the position to hire someone for the role as soon as possible.

The bleachers for the basketball court that have been on back order will arrive and be installed on Monday, November 1st. This will call for a change in location for basketball practice and other activities from the gym.

Third Grade teacher Sherry Porter resigned from her position, leaving a vacant spot in the teaching department. Principal Symcox asked for permission to post the opening online in efforts to recruit a new teacher where she was approved to post the opening.

Principal Symcox also requested to post a part-time, outdoor snow removal position, with the intent of using an individual for the purposes of removing snow as well as maintenance around the school. This position could have the potential of becoming a full-time position, pending the performance of the individual.

More information about the updates can be found at the LCIS Website or by calling the office during school hours.