Oolitic receives a grant for stormwater repairs

OOLTIC – The Oolitic Town Council learned they were awarded a grant for stormwater improvements.

The town applied for a $600,000 grant from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs. The Town of Oolitic will match the grant with $159,600 with a State Revolving Flood Control Loan. The loan is expected to be paid off in approximately ten years.

The cost of the project is projected at $750,000. The grant will replace a culvert, make road repairs at the intersection of Hall and Mathis avenues and make stormwater improvements at Hall Avenue and Oak Street.

Oolitic Town Council members applauded Michelle Carrico, of the Southern Indiana Development Commission for her hard work in acquiring the grant for the town.

Many Oolitic Town residents appreciated the efforts of the Oolitic Town Council in solving the town’s stormwater and sewer issues as well as addressing problems with the water treatment facility.

Carrico provided the council a timeline for when the various project will occur. The completion of the project is not expected until March 2023.

Three-way stop at 4th and Lafeyette has been installed.

In other business the council:

  • Approved a building permit to build a 20 X 30 carport at 912 Walnut Street
  • Heard from Councilman Jon Broglin on issues that are occuring at the waste water treatment facility. At this time the town is in compliance with IDEM regulations. Broglin is working with CommonWealth Engineers to comprise a 5 to 20 year engineering study that will outline the needs of the town, along with maintenance plans.
  • Residents asked about the town aquiring new water meters and how those meters will be paid for. Clerk-Treasurer Annette Norrick said officials are in the process of seeking a loan to purchase the new water meters. The digital meters will cost $140,000. The new meters will prevent human errors, take less labor hours, and notify town of water leaks quickly.
  • There is now a three-way stop sign installed at 4th Street and Laffeyette Avenue.
  • The stop signs have not been installed on Vista Drive. According to town officials, it is scheduled for the near future.
The North Oolitic School building

North Oolitic School Building

An engineering study on the North Oolitic School building has begun.. Reports, thus far, indicate damage to the building is extensive. The stairways to the building have collapsed, and there are pigeon droppings in the old band room. Pigeon droppings pose serious health threats.

The engineering study will continue as there are interested parties in making the location an apartment building. The potential contractor for the apartment contract would be interested in the other school building which adjoins the properties to create an additional apartment building.

All discussion at this time is preliminary and the town council is waiting on a full report to see what the next step will be. This could include condemnation of the building.