IU no longer requiring ACT or SAT scores

BLOOMINGTON — High school students considering attending Indiana University for college may have an easier time in the application process.

Indiana University is no longer requiring ACT or SAT scores.

What is the university looking at instead? IU is still requiring applicants to attach their GPAs and other relevant information.

IU says those standardized test scores, like the SAT, don’t always reflect how well a student will do in college.

After all, it’s just one test.

The goal is to look at the overall record of the student to make that determination on the entrance acceptance into the college.

While this could make being accepted into some schools easier. IU officials say there are still certain qualifications applicants will have to meet.

Susan Elrod

“Grade point average is a great predictor of college success, so students still have to have the other components to the application,” said IU South Bend Chancellor Susan Elrod. “But that test for some is a barrier and we wanted to remove that barrier, and we’re seeing a lot of students take advantage of that.”

Students who took the ACT or SAT and did well can still put those scores on their application.

Now it’s an option, not a requirement.