Actions taken, announcements and approvals made during Oolitic Town Council meeting

OOLITIC – The Town of Oolitic was approved to receive $240,000 in ARP funds. The town is expected to receive the first round of funds within the next 7-10 days according to town officials.

Michelle Carrico, Southern Indiana Economic Corporation announced the award for grants for the stormwater grant is expected to be announced on September 9, 2021. The cost of the project is projected at $750,000. The grant will replace a culvert, and make road repairs at the intersection of Hall Avenue and Mathis, and stormwater improvements at Hall and Oak streets.

The town applied for a $600,000 grant from the Office of Community Rural Affairs. If received, the Town of Oolitic will match the grant with $159,600 with a State Revolving Flood Control Loan. The loan is expected to be paid off in approximately ten years.

Town of Oolitic faces several issues with water and stormwater.

In other business:

  • Approved the final passage of an ordinance to place stop signs at the intersections of Meadow Lane and Vista Drive, and Oolitic Lane and Vista Drive.
  • Council member Steve Kerr mentioned the parking issue in front of the Oolitic School during games/events. He suggested to place “No Parking” signs along the shoulders to prevent the issue. The concerns are in regards to the fire department having no where to go in the event of an emergency at the school. Another suggestion made by resident Chris Moore is for the school to place cones when events are taking place. Steve Kerr will look into creating a ordinance.
  • Council member John Dillion gave an update on the former North Oolitic School building. Dillion stated the town has partnered with property owner and SIDC for a grant for the removal hazardous material in the school. Phase two would be removing the hazardous material inside the building. The report is expected in 30-45 days. Indiana Landmarks approved a grant in the amount of $2,500 with the town contributing $500 to allow an engineering study of the school by Lawson and Fisher. The engineering study is expected in 30 days. The inspection is needed for the safety of the town.
  • Town Council member Jon Broglin provided an update on the Wastewater Treatment Plant, reporting that one pump has been installed and is operational. The other two new pumps will arrive soon. Broglin will research options to update the wet wells. There are concerns about fresh water getting into the wells. Ideally a concrete bunker will be installed over the wells to prevent flooding or elementary effects.
  • Oolitic Town Street Department Supervisor Zac Bell reported that the rental pump had to be cleaned due to clogging. Crews hauled 9 loads of brush and limbs, fixed two water leaks, and worked on stormwater issues. Crews continue to flush fire hydrants. Crews also replaced a fire hydrant at 10th Street and Hillside Drive.
  • The town garbage truck will be used for leaf pick-up this fall. The truck was given to them free of charge.
  • Purchase agreements have been signed to purchase salt from the City of Bedford, and sand from Lawrence County if needed. The plan is to only use salt the majority of the time because sand blocks stormwater drains when used.
  • Council member Jon Broglin said the house at 240 Indiana Avenue will be condemned if improvements are not addressed by the end of September.
  • Town Marshall Jon Jefferies responded to 19 calls, and 4 active violations. No tickets were written in the month of August. Councilman Jon Broglin spoke with Lawerence County Sheriff Mike Branham about providing patrol when the Town Marshall is not available.

In the public comment period, a resident reported one of their neighbors was torturing, abusing, and killing stray cats. A report has been filed with the Oolitic Police Department. The same resident also complained about open burning and was told to contact the Oolitic Fire Chief about the issue.

Michael Coryea explained his plans to purchase the building at 602 Hoosier Avenue. The goal is to transform the property into living quarters for short-stay residents who are have been in addiction and mental health treatment rehab. A house monitor will be on duty 24 hours. The Town of Oolitic requested a written plan for the property and the final approval will be looked at by the town council. Coryea agreed to do so and further stated that he hopes to purchase the property in November and already has purchased a building in Bedford to use for the same purpose.