MCCSC Elementary Beginning/Continuing String Program

BLOOMINGTON – Monroe County Community School Corporation Beginning/Continuing String Program is open to beginning and continuing 5th and 6th graders. Students must register by Wednesday, August 25.

To register, please click on the following link, fill out the form and press submit when finished:

The MCCSC Elementary String Program provides interested students with a solid foundation of training and a “head start” that is critical for success in string playing.  The program offers beginning and continuing string instruction to all interested 5th and 6th-grade students. 

Learning to play a string instrument opens up a wide range of unlimited opportunities for fun as well as musical training.  String playing develops a child’s music ability, creativity, discipline, and self-esteem.  Playing in a string ensemble provides the child with the fellowship and belonging of a group activity.

The Classes

Beginning classes will be held at 7 sites in the MCCSC elementary schools.  Continuing classes will be held at 4 sites. All classes are taught by a string specialist.  Classes for all schools will be held from 7:45 a.m. until 8:35 a.m., prior to the start of the regular school day.  All string student families should provide their own transportation to the string site, arriving 15-30 minutes early.  When each string class is over, MCCSC students whose string class is at a site other than their home school will be transported by a MCCSC bus to their home school (along with their instrument, backpack, etc.).  Please Note: If your child normally rides a school bus home at the end of the school day, Indiana State Law prohibits the cellos and basses on the bus for the ride home (due to their larger size).  On string class days, cello and bass parents will be responsible for getting their child’s instrument home.  Below is a schedule indicating paired and site schools.  Classes will begin the week of August 30, 2021.

Beginning School/Pairs          Teacher                                   Class Days       String Class Site
Binford                                     Juli Enzinger                              Wed/Fri             Binford
Childs/Templeton                     Juli Enzinger, Interim                 Wed/Fri             Childs
Summit/Clear Creek                Juli Enzinger, Interim                  Tues/Thurs       Summit
Arlington/Fairview/Marlin         Esteban Hernandez-Parra          Wed/Fri            Arlington
Highland Park/Grandview        Esteban Hernandez-Parra          Tues/Thurs       Highland Park
Lakeview                                  Juli Enzinger, Interim                  Tues/Thurs       Lakeview
University/Unionville                 Kit Boulding                                Tues/Thurs       University

Continuing School/Pairs
Binford/Childs/Templeton         Nathan Greenwood                   Wed/Fri            Binford
Fairview/Arlington/Highland Park/Marlin
                                                Nathan Greenwood                   Tues/Thurs       Fairview
Summit/Clear Creek/Grandview/Lakeview
                                                Rebecca Winkle                        Tues/Thurs       Summit
University/Unionville                Joy Main                                   Tues/Thurs       University

Note: The string faculty reserves the right to re-assign site schools and paired schools due to enrollment.

The instruments

Instruction will be offered on violin, viola, cello, and double bass.  Although class instruction is free to students, parents are responsible for the cost of the instrument, inexpensive wire music stand, and instruction book. ** For your convenience, we have made special arrangements where your child can choose one of three local vendors in order to get set up with the instrument and supplies in one stop.  Each vendor has also graciously agreed to apply the needed finger tapes for learning.

Method Book needed for Beginners: “Essential Elements Interactive”, Book 1 for your child’s chosen instrument. Method Book needed for Continuing (2nd year): “All for Strings”, Book 2 for your child’s chosen instrument. 

Student-owned instruments are acceptable as long as the instrument is sized appropriately for the student.  The following are the three participating vendors:

  • Melody Music Shop
  • Evans Violin Shop
  • Ars Nova.

Please make sure your child goes with you for correct sizing.  If you have a question regarding the actual rental cost, please contact the vendors directly. For all other questions, contact your teacher.  Your child should be equipped for the first class.

Teacher Contract Information:

Teacher                                               E-mail
Juli Enzinger                               
Kit Boulding                                
Nathan Greenwood                    
Esteban Hernandez-Parra          
Joy Main                                     
Rebecca Winkle