Two arrested after report of an overdose

BEDFORD – Two people were arrested Thursday after Bedford Police officers responded to an apartment in the 1030 block of 17th Street after a report of an overdose.

Daniel Holt

When officers arrived at 2:22 p.m. they found a male standing in the living room with 28-year-old Daniel Holt. The male standing had overdosed and was sweating profusely and disoriented.

An officer administered aid to the male while another officer made a protective sweep of the apartment.

Holt attempted to block the doorway leading to the rear of the apartment and became verbally combative with officers in an attempt to stop them from looking around the apartment. 

An officer had to grab Holt and move him out of the way. Holt continued to yell and cause a disturbance in the living room area hindering officers’ ability to render aid to the overdose victim.

Holt was ordered to leave the room. He refused and continued to be verbally combative.

An off-duty officer who arrived on the scene attempted to escort Holt from the apartment and Holt became aggressive and balled up his fists.

Another officer took Holt to the ground and he was detained. Holt then had to forcibly be placed into the back of a police car while he continued to resist.

Holt was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstruction of justice.

Holli McCowan

Officers then learned that just before they arrived 33-year-old Holli McCowan, who was wanted on warrants, had fled the apartment and got into a van parked along the roadway.

They learned that the female had returned to the apartment.

After transporting Holt to jail, officers returned to the apartment and arrested McCowan on two warrants for failure to appear and petition to revoke probation.

During a search of her person, officers located a pill bottle containing marijuana. She was then charged with possession of marijuana.

She told police she was in the back of the apartment when officers were stopped by Holt. That is when she ran outside and hid in the van while officers were preoccupied with the overdose victim and Holt.

While at the apartment officer found a small amount of marijuana and Holt was then charged with possession of marijuana.