Man led police in vehicle pursuit crossing county lines.

BEDFORD – A Greenwood man was arrested early this morning after a Bedford Police officer attempted to stop the vehicle he saw on Bell Back Road that did not display an operational license plate light.

The vehicle then turned west on John Williams Boulevard and then north onto State Road 37. Once the driver got to the intersection with 5th street, the driver turned on his hazard lights and pulled to the right side of the road. 

Tyler Davis

The officer pulled behind the driver and as he did the driver pulled to the left and crossed over the turn lane and drove through the red light at 5th Street. 

The motorist then accelerated and fled north on State Road 37. The vehicle continued north at a high rate of speed in excess of 90 miles per hour and passed other vehicles.  

 Once both the officer and motorist reached the intersection of State Road 54/58 and State Road 37, the vehicle pulled to the right side of the road and came to a stop.

As the officer again began to exit his vehicle the driver once again took off and continued northbound,  this time exceeding 100 miles per hour while passing multiple cars. 

Other officers joined the pursuit and continued to follow the vehicle with their lights and sirens activated. The vehicle stayed north on State Road 37 crossing into Monroe County. Monroe County Sheriff’s Office was advised at this point and informed officers they would have stop sticks set up ahead of the pursuit. The vehicle started to exit the highway at the Monroe Dam Road exit before driving through the grass and continuing north on State Road 37. The vehicle once again accelerated in an excess of 100 miles per hour and continued north. Once the vehicle got to Victor Pike, Monroe County Officers were able to assist in the pursuit and were able to deploy stop sticks deflating both front tires on the vehicle. 

Victor Pike was an active construction site with workers present at the time, which officers and the motorist passed through.  

 Once the vehicle merged onto Interstate 69 north, the front tires began to shred from the stop stick damage and the vehicle began to slow down. The vehicle finally drove off of the roadway just south of the 3rd street exit and came to a  stop. 

Officers gave commands to the driver who was later identified as 33-year-old Tyler Davis to show his hands and exit the vehicle. Tyler appeared to be distraught and advised that he was confused and didn’t know why he was being stopped. Tyler refused multiple commands to get out of the vehicle and continued acting erratic, reaching around the interior of the vehicle. Officers were finally able to talk Tyler out of the vehicle after several moments and he laid on the ground wher he was taken into custody without further issue. 

Davis told police he had warrants out of Marion County and that he didn’t know why he was being stopped.  Davis said he had called his brother and stated to him that he wanted to kill himself. Tyler stated several times that he was upset and that his fiance had recently passed away. 

Police did learn that his license status was suspended with a prior conviction and confirmed that Davis was wanted on three warrants out of Marion County.

  During an inventory of the vehicle Officers located three partial syringes with the tips broken off. One of the syringes tested positive for meth.  

 Davis was arrested on charges of resisting law enforcement with a motor vehicle., possession of meth, unlawful possession of a syringe, driving while driver’s license suspended with a prior conviction, and reckless driving.