Austin Malone resigns as Headmaster LCIS

FAYETTEVILLE – Lawrence County Independent Schools announced the resignation of Austin Malone as Headmaster for the newly formed charter school.

Austin Malone resigned on July 23, 2021 as Headmaster for LCIS

On Friday, July 23, 2021, Malone submitted his resignation to the LCIS school board. A statement included in the letter addressed to the board, he stated he was “not the right fit for what is needed as a charter school leader and the decision is in no way meant to discourage in leadership or support,” according to Trish Turner, LCIS board president.

Turner went on to dispel some of the rumors associated with his departures mostly in regards to the financial condition of the school which was not the case.

Due to his departure, the board announced that the position will not be filled and that Joanne Symcox will take on the additional responsibilities created by the vacancy.

Joanne Symcox will have added responsibilities following the resignation of Malone.

LCIS board voted to increase Symcox’s salary to $77,000 a year from the $70,000 originally proposed in her salary as a principal. Her contract will expire on June 30, 2023.

This will allow LCIS to be able to use the savings from the vacancy for the personnel needs of the school.

In other personnel hires, the board approved the hiring of the following individuals. The new additions to the staff marks the LCIS staff needs 100% filled.

Certified Teachers:

  • Kenneth Murphy – Resource Teacher
  • Avery James – Kindergarten Teacher
  • Bridget Jeskewich – Middle School Science Teacher

Non – Certified Instructional Assistants:

  • Carla Robbins – Middle School Science Instructional Assistant
  • Josie Barlett – 5th Grade Instruction Assistant

School Nurse:

  • Nikki Wright – School Nurse Monday – Thursday
  • DeAnna Wade – Friday School Nurse – Friday

School Counselor:

  • Adrienne Anderson – Paid Intern