Drug Rehabilitation Center on Bedford Plan Commission agenda Tuesday

BEDFORD – A hearing on a proposed Drug Rehabilitation Center at 2620 Industrial Drive is on the agenda for Tuesday’s Bedford Plan Commission meeting to be held at 4:00 p.m. at City Concourse.

A request for a public hearing for 2620 Industrial Drive to be rezoned for a drug rehabilitation center.

Micheal Coryea’s request to rezone the property at 2620 Industrial Drive from an I-2 Industrial to Professional Residential in May was denied by the Bedford Plan Commission after several nearby residents opposed the facility.

Michael Coryea wants to begin with a 15- person inpatient treatment facility and eventually expand it to a 39-bed facility in the future.

Coryea works out of Valle Vista Hospital in Greenwood, and already treats patients from the Bedford area.

“Seeing the need for this community with the problems we are having with drug addiction, it is unfortunate we have this problem with drug addiction throughout our state and nation,” said Coryea.

Coryea purchased the building in December 2020.

Residents Joe Kirkman, Bruce Cummings, Rebecca Knight, Norman Rollins, and Dick Dunlap were among the many who spoke against the facility.

However, Coryea did not attend the meeting back in May and the request was denied in a 6-1 vote. Steve Kimbley asked the other Plan Commission members not to vote against the request stating he did not have enough information to vote either way on the zoning change.

Plan Commission members will again hear Coryea’s request.