Bedford woman arrested after hit and run

BEDFORD – A Bedford woman was arrested after a Bedford Police officer was alerted to an accident in the 520 block of M Street early this morning. 

When officers arrived it appeared someone had hit a parked car and left the scene.

Officers say a gray Toyota Camry had collided with a parked black Volkswagen Jetta.

Officers contacted the owner of the Jetta.

Courtney Rizzi

Police then learned the owner of the Toyota Camry was 28-year-old Courtney Rizzi.

Officers found Rizzi at Shorty’s Bar & Grill in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

Rizzi told officers she had consumed a couple of drinks at Shorty’s and got into her vehicle to drive home around 1 a.m. She told police she had swerved and hit the parked Volkswagen. She told police she was not injured in the crash and had left the scene but then had decided to have a friend drive her back to the scene.

Police say Rizzi was intoxicated and failed several field sobriety tests. She refused to submit to a blood draw. A search warrant was granted for a blood draw. Officers arrested Rizzi, on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, OWI endangerment, OWI per se, OWI refusal, driving while her driver’s license was suspended and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.