State Rep. May highlights new Indiana laws effective July 1

STATEHOUSE – State Rep. Chris May (R-Bedford) said Hoosiers should be aware of several new state laws effective July 1, including the new state budget and those supporting gun owners and protecting religious freedom.

Chris May

“This year’s legislative session was productive in boosting funding for our schools and improving broadband access for rural areas,” May said. “We also ensured Hoosiers’ freedom to worship in person cannot be hindered in any future public emergencies.”

May highlighted several new and notable laws:

Funding Hoosier Priorities
Indiana’s next two-year, $37 billion state budget reduces taxpayer-funded debt by over $1 billion, and provides opportunities for future tax cuts and reforms. House Enrolled Act 1001 funds critical government services and proven programs while making historic investments in K-12 education, broadband and economic development.

Supporting Lawful Gun Owners
Lawful Hoosier gun owners will no longer pay a fee to obtain a lifetime license to carry a handgun thanks to the passage of House Enrolled Act 1001. Hoosiers can visit to apply for a free five-year or lifetime license, or renew current permits. The process to legally purchase a handgun remains the same.

Protecting In-Person Worship
Religious gatherings are defined as essential, and Senate Enrolled Act 263 ensures the government cannot restrict the right to worship in-person during public emergencies. Other church services like food pantries, daycare or educational classes can also not be more restricted than other essential services.

Strengthening Civics Education
A 2020 poll found only 51% of U.S. adults could name the three branches of government. While high school seniors often take a government class, through House Enrolled Act 1384 middle school students will complete a semester-long civics education course to learn about their government and how to be engaged voters.

Visit for more information on these and other new laws.