Jackson County adds valuable service with e-Recording

BROWNSTOWN – Jackson County government has now expanded e-Recording to include documents that transfer property.  In addition to the non-transfer of property documents, customers can now e-Record deeds with sales disclosures and other transfer documents that require review and/or approval by the assessor and auditor prior to final recording.

County Recorder Amanda Lowery, together with Assessor Katie Kaufman and Auditor Roger Hurt implemented the change to add further safety, security, and reliability to their recording customers, especially given the disruptions created by the COVID pandemic.  Implementing full e-recording will allow many businesses and verified users to avoid the delays and costs involved with mailing or hand delivering documents to the courthouse.  This will also help those who either do not qualify or want to e-Record to minimize the handling of paper documents. 

By expanding e-Recording to include transfers, the county has taken an important step to improve services and mitigate disruptions to the real estate industry in Jackson County, the State of Indiana, and the country going forward.

Amanda Lowery

“Through adding full e-Recording as a delivery option, we have made a valuable service available to our recording customers in Jackson County and we are now better prepared to continue service despite unforeseen challenges going forward,” said Jackson County Recorder, Amanda Lowery. “This option not only saves businesses, attorneys, and other professional submitters time by having documents instantly received at the courthouse, but it also saves them money with the elimination of envelope and checks preparation, postage, handling, travel, and courier costs or errors.” 

E-recording also allows you to track packages, quickly receive and resolve rejections, and instantly receive the recorded document back. 

“Feedback from e-Recording customers so far has been excellent and we look forward to more customers utilizing this service,” added Lowery. 

To learn more or register for the service visit the e-Recording section on the Recorder’s Resources page on the county website.