Men arrested after police find them unresponsive in a vehicle

BEDFORD – Two people were arrested Monday night after Bedford Police Officers were called to ’O’Reilly Auto Parts after a report of unresponsive two males in an orange Pontiac Sunfire parked on the west side of the building.

William Bennett

When officers arrived they found 27-year-old William Bennett, of Bedford, and 20-year-old Tyler King, of Heltonville, slumped over in the seat. An officer opened the passenger side door to check on the males. Both woke but were “very lethargic”.

Tyler King

King exited the passenger side and Bennett who was armed with a knife was told to put the knife on the floorboard behind his legs and he exited the vehicle.

Officers say both men were impaired and unable to stand, speak or keep their eyes open.

Both King and Bennett were evaluated by an ambulance crew. The crew suggested transporting Bennett to the hospital for a medical evaluation. 

Canine Zazu conducted an exterior search of the vehicle and alerted police to possible drugs inside.

In Bennett’s pocket, police found two baggies that contained crystal meth and another baggie containing numerous pills. Police seized 57.10 grams of meth in Bennett’s possession.

During a search of the vehicle officers found a glass smoking device with meth residue in the center console, a black and silver box in the backseat that contained a digital scale, and large quantity of syringes. In a camouflage bag officees found a digital scale and a baggie of meth, and more syringes. Officers also found two additional digital scales.

King, was arrested on charges of possession of meth, unlawful possession of a syringe.

 Bennett was transported to IU Health Hospital. Once there, Bennett claimed he had been raped the night before and a rape kit was performed. After being medically cleared he was arrested on charges of dealing meth over 10 grams, possession of meth over 28 grams, unlawful possession of a syringe, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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