Mitchell man arrested on drug charges

MITCHELL – A Mitchell man was arrested Saturday night after a Mitchell Police officer was called to Friendship Park at the intersection of 7th and Main streets after a report of a female requesting to speak to an officer.

Clark Pierce

When police arrived they found 33-year-old Clark Pierce walking west in the alley between  Main Street and Mississippi Avenue.

The officer said Clark lives in the 200 block of North 5th Street at “heartbreak hotel” which is known for high drug activity. When Clark saw the officer he began walking at a fast steady pace.

The officer turned into the alley and could no longer see Pierce. The officer found him walking north into the park and stopped Pierce.

The officer said Pierce was nervous, trembling and was sweating. 

The officer asked why he was in the park and Pierce said he was there to meet a woman for sex.

The officer did a pat down and found a pill bottle in Pierce’s pocket. There were several different pills and suboxone in the bottle which Pierce did not have a prescription for along with a plastic bag that contained 1.15 grams of crystal meth. Police also found 0.75 grams of marijuana in a baggie in his cigarette box.

Pierce was issued on possession of meth, possession of marijuana, possession of a legend drug with enhanced circumstances.

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