Startups can learn about hiring their first employees

ODON – Join Purdue@WestGate for a free one-hour presentation and question and answer session on Wednesday, June 23 as Todd Meyer from Insperity discusses how to tackle hiring the right employees for your startup.

Many startups want to improve people’s lives but fail to realize the lives for whom they can have the greatest impact are those of their employees. To build a great team you build a great company culture – getting employees excited and passionate about the problems they solve for customers. 

Main Topics to Review:

  • Current Landscape
  • HR Strategy
  • Key Position Hiring
  • Culture by Design

Speaker Bio:

Todd Myer has more than 20 years of experience working with companies that are tapped into achieving their highest potential and requiring a customized approach that reflects the company’s culture, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Todd has developed the ability to understand what there is to know about the organization: the vision, the mission, and the skills and potential of the people within the organization. Todd has worked with companies in diverse industries, such as technology, government contractors, M&As, Venture Capitalists, financial services, professional services, non-profits, to name a few. With his expertise, he has helped companies achieve and exceed their expansion and growth goals. Todd has helped several exiting companies receive premium offers due in good part to the strength being an Insperity client brings to the negotiating table in terms of satisfying the HR requirement. His work with M&As, VCs, and companies seeking to exit is significant and impressive.

About Insperity:

Insperity is a trusted advisor to America’s best businesses for more than 25 years, provides an array of human resources and business solutions designed to help improve business performance. Serving more than 100,000 businesses with over 2 million employees, Insperity’s mission is to help businesses succeed so communities prosper. We provide a wide range of business performance solutions, enabling business owners to be more systematic and strategic about the role people play in the success of a company. Whether you have ten employees or 5,000, Insperity’s business solutions are tailored to helping you run your business more efficiently.

This webinar is sponsored by CACI.

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