Mitchell man arrested after reporting someone stole his marijuana

MITCHELL – A Mitchell man was arrested Friday after he called police to report someone had stolen his marijuana.

According to a  probable cause affidavit, Mitchell Police officers responded to the theft report in the 500 block of West Oak at 9:57 p.m. 

Roy Terrell

When police arrived they could smell the odor of burnt marijuana and found 59-year-old Roy Terrell was intoxicated.

Terrell told officers his neighbors had stolen his “weed”.

Police spoke to the two neighbors who denied the allegations. 

Officers then asked Terrell if he was sure his marijuana had been stolen and not in his apartment. Terrell said he was sure but gave officers permission to search his apartment. 

On a table police found a blue straw with meth residue. Terrell told officers the straw was not his. Terrell then opened the top of a CD player and handed officers a  small plastic bag that contained 0.55 grams of crystal meth. On a table outside of the apartment door, officers found a small bag containing 7.55 grams of marijuana. 

Terrell admitted the marijuana was his and must not have been stolen. 

Terrell was arrested on charges of possession of meth, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.