Police find marijuana, meth, and drug paraphernalia during routine traffic stop

MITCHELL – A Bloomington woman was arrested Tuesday night after a Mitchell Police officer stopped her vehicle on State Road 37 at the Sinclair Station after he noticed the vehicle’s tail light was not working. 

Tiffany Purtlebaugh

Police say 30-year-old Tiffany Purtlebaugh was driving the black Chevrolet Cobalt.

Purtlebaugh didn’t realize the vehicle’s tail light and license plate light were not working.

When Purtlebaugh exited the vehicle to check the lights, officers could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

An officer then saw a green ammunition box on the floorboard and asked if Purtlebaugh had any weapons in the vehicle. She said she didn’t. The officer asked if he could open the ammo box and Purtlebaugh became nervous and said there was just had fishing tackle inside. She then opened the box and officers smelled the odor of marijuana.

Purtlebaugh then got upset and begged the officers to not take her to jail.

Officers then stated they were going to search the vehicle. Purtlebaugh became emotional, crying.

During the search in the ammo box officers found a large plastic bag containing two smaller bags that contained 22.65 grams of marijuana and a grinder. In a cigarette pack they found a smoking device with meth residue. In her purse officers found another smoking device. To the left of the steering wheel officers found another smoking device with marijuana residue.

Purtlebaugh was arrested on charges of possession of meth, possession of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. She was issued a warning for the non-working lights on her vehicle.

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