Mitchell woman arrested on drug charges

MITCHELL – A Mitchell woman was arrested early Tuesday night after a Mitchell Police officer stopped a vehicle at the intersection of Wade Street and Rabbitsville Road. 

Sarah Passmore

Police say 31-year-old Sarah Passmore was driving on a suspended driver’s license with a prior conviction.

There was a small child asleep in the passenger seat.

While speaking with Passmore another vehicle pulled up that was driven by Chevelle Tuell. Officers knew she too was driving on a suspended driver’s license. 

Tuell began crying and said she and Passmore were moving out of a home on Dale Street. Officers released Tuell from the scene and told her to go home. 

Officers issued Passmore a citation for driving while her driver’s license was suspended with a prior conviction. Officers then asked if Passmore had anything illegal in her vehicle. 

Passmore told officers she had some pipes in a bag between the driver and passenger seat.

Police found two glass smoking pipes with meth residue inside, along with a cut straw used to snort the drug and a grinder with marijuana residue. The items were within reach of Passmore’s 5-year-old son.

Passmore told officers there was also a towel in between the seats that contained another glass smoking device.

Passmore contacted her mother to come and pick up her son. 

Passmore was arrested.

The Department of Child Services was also notified.

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