Two arrested for dealing heroin

BEDFORD – Two men were arrested Tuesday after an Indiana State Police Drug Enforcement investigation.

Kyle Bailey

Troopers arrested 32-year-old Kyle Bailey, of Bloomington, on charges of dealing heroin, possession of heroin, and visiting a common nuisance, and 41-year-old Eric Hackney, of Bedford, on charges of dealing heroin, maintaining a common nuisance, and unlawful possession of a syringe.

Eric Hackney

On Tuesday, Indiana State Police investigators were contacted by Bedford Police Department after they had stopped a vehicle where the occupants were found with syringes and meth in their possession. 

One of the occupants told police they were going to purchase approximately $200 worth of heroin from Eric Hackney. The person told investigators they would use some of the drug and sell the rest.

The passenger then showed investigators messages confirming the drug deal.

The messages confirmed Hackney was waiting on his dealer, Bailey, to deliver the heroin to supply him with drug inventory to sell. 

The Lawrence County Probation Department then contacted Hackney to come in for a urine screen. Hackney admitted he had been using and dealing heroin for about three months during his conversation with the officers.

Hackney confessed that he had been purchasing heroin from Kyle Bailey and confessed to using and reselling that heroin. Hackney indicated he did not have any heroin at his house, and that he was  awaiting Kyle Bailey to bring him heroin. 

This corroborated the information that investigators had  previously received from the first cooperating source. 

Investigators set up surveillance at Hackney’s residence and at 7:33 p.m. Bailey  arrived at Hackney’s residence. 

Police did not find Bailey with any drugs, but police say he could have disposed of the drug when he saw police arriving.

Bailey told investigators he was at Hackney’s home to help work on a table. He didn’t have any explanation on the messages between him and Hackney.

Bailey did confess that he was an active  heroin user and had gotten high with Hackney at Hackney’s residence on several occasions.  

Hackney said, “I have gotten from him before, and he has gotten from me before, but  I  am not some big-time dealer”.  

Investigators armed with a search warrant searched Hackney’s home. They found pills, numerous syringes, a glass container with residue, and a cap used to heat up controlled substances for consumption.