City of Bloomington accepting applications for a vacant position on the Bloomington Transportation Corporation Board of Directors

BLOOMINGTON – The City of Bloomington Office of the City Clerk is accepting applications to fill vacant positions on the Bloomington Transportation Corporation Board of Directors.

The Public Transportation Corporation is a separate municipal corporation charged with the management of the Bloomington Transit System, with taxing authority as set out in I.C. 36-9-4 Statutory Authority: (I.C. 36-9-4) (BMC 2.76).

As per IC 36-9-4-14(b), Board members must be residents of the taxing district of the Bloomington Public Transportation Corporation and must be a resident of the City of Bloomington.

The duties of a board member are to attend monthly board meetings, to serve in any officer role as elected by the Board of Directors, and to carry out the purposes of the corporation. The estimated time required to fulfill the duties is 2-3 hours per month. Compensation is $100 per month.

One seat will become vacant on July 31, 2021.

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