Lawrence County Council approves hiring requests from several departments

LAWRENCE CO. – The Lawrence County Council approved hiring requests from the Assessor’s Office, Soil Water and Conservation District, and the County Clerk Office.

These include:

  • April Collins of the Lawrence County Assessor Office requested to hire a second deputy due to a retirement that is coming up in June or July of this year. This will be a reduction in budget.
  • Curtis McBride of the Lawrence County Soil Water Conservation District requested to fill a position that is now vacant. There will be a reduction in the budget.
  • Billie Tumey requested two new hires. These positions include a part-time person for one day a week to put in Odyessy Court records into the system and the second position is to fill a vacancy in the voter registration office. That employee is a ten-year employee, which will mean there will be a budget reduction.

The following transfers were approved:

  • Chad Shew of Community Corrections requested a transfer of $177 from a United Way Grant for miscellaneous supplies, a $599 Community Foundation grant to fund training, and an Indiana Supreme Court Problem Solving Grant of $1,729 from travel to training.
  • Teresa Miller of Lawrence County Health requested transfer Public Health Emergency Grant transfer of $6,100 to help purchase equipment for the mobile health trailer.
  • Jessica Staggs- Lawrence County Auditor requested additional appropriation for office supplies in the amount of $2,000.
  • David Holmes requested $28,000 for engineer studies for Bridge 150 that is in a federal aid bridge replacement program. This will be reimbursed back to the county. Request appropriation of $60,000 that went to help repair a motor of a dump truck that a motor blew up, and equipment replacement. A total of $82,000 was appropriated for a sign replacement in all three commissioner districts. District 1- $75,000, District 2 -$33,000, District 3 – $28,000 the county will be reimbursed 90 percent of the cost by the federal grant. Finally, appropriated the Community Crossing Grant for paving projects that are expected to be completed by the end of July. The total Community Crossing Grant is $881,1082.

The Lawrence County Council voted to rescind previous resolutions in regards to tax abatements for Indiana Limestone and Lehigh Portland Cement and adopt new resolutions for the tax abatements for personal property and real property for both companies.